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Goreville - Contemporary House #4

Belleville-Contemporary House #1

Outdoor social spaces that step down and follow the landscape. Bay window grouping create comfort within the traditional interior.

O'Fallon-Timber Frame_1 (9).jpg
O'Fallon- Timber Frame House #4

Soaring roof lines with distinctive bedrooms within the upper attic spaces. Outdoor spaces are integrated into the architecture.

Belleville - Modern House #1

An expression of modernist simplicity. The image represents the hidden entrance courtyard space.



Belleville-Modern-House#1.9 - Copy.JPG
Belleville-Contemporary House #1_3 (2).j
Belleville - Contemporary
House #1

The contemporary design of the exterior is complemented with the traditional interior finishes.


Swansea - Timber Frame House #2

This house is placed between upper and lower lakes. Taking advantage of the change in elevation and opportunity for views into the landscape.

Swansea-Timber Frame House#2.jpg

Our projects begin with a complementary preliminary design & estimate to determine feasibility.

21 ideas for a sustainable house

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