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About us

As in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, a house is meant to embellish quality of life through joy, emotional well-being and be a sustainable addition to the world. This can be done through the use of natural light, a relationship to the landscape and construction practices. Ronald Eilering started his career as an intern with Charles King who is known for his mid-century architecture, especially that the house relate directly to their natural surroundings. Once a licensed architect he struck out on his own an created his own vision of architecture that is represented within these pages.

Design philosophy

Our design philosophy comes from a rich pedigree of influence and experience.  At the nexus of architectural history + 21c innovation and seasoned with professional experience in the renovation of pre-war, craftsman style, mid-century modern and contemporary homes is our sphere of operations.  For my own home and the restoration of historic structures I acknowledge thrift and craft associated with the craftsman style of architecture.


Project delivery begins with the client’s vision, relationship to the building site and then optimization for livability and energy use within managed project cost.


Design Philosophy (key points)


  • Land centered design

  • Space optimization

  • Design of social spaces

  • High performance buildings

  • Universal design (accessibility)

Professional services

  • Complementary preliminary design & estimate to determine the feasibility of the project.

  • Integrated design & construction for cost management.

  • Historic home renovations and new home designs for unique building sites.

Your design team.

Brad, Debra, Ron Eilering
Architect, Associate, Architect


Covid -19

The quarantine has reminded us all of the importance of our home to our health. For those who are considering revisions or even a new home we are here to help guide the way. We have modified our services, now providing virtual meetings with pdf drawings emailed to our clients during these difficult times. Please stay safe and healthy!

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